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I come from an artist family: my great uncle was a painter, my grandfather and father perform occasionally as movie actors, my grandmother was a singer, and my aunt is teaching theater and vocal. I tried to escape and became a civil engineer…

in vain !     


Two special events revealed my passion for painting:                                                                              

 At the age of 25, discovering Mozambique and its incredible light and red earth .                                                

15 years later, finding stunning colorful watercolor squares in an old Art shop in Saint Petersburg. 

I enhanced my skills with a copyist from Le Louvre who initiated me to glazing; I then follow the Beaux Arts classes.                                                                                                                                                        

After 10 years of practice and learning I held my first exhibition in Gentilly, France in 2013.

Member of the International Painters Community I have been holding online exhibitions in India, Nigeria…. 


I draw my inspiration from my passion of travelling all over the world with my sketchpad, capturing moments of life, lights and colors. .                                                                                                                   


My last exhibitions explored 3 retrospectives of my oil paintings:



  • Invitation to Voyage

The area here is one of discovery and amazement.
I invite you to discover surprising places and moments of life,  to linger in the streets with locals, to fiddle around: Mozambique, India, Australia, Argentina, Panama, Morocco, Ecuador, Malaysia, Colombia, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, China, Latvia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Quebec, Dubai, New York, London, Roma, Paris…

It is a magic and multiple journey which opens to your imagination.


  • Women of the world

I lived in Mozambique and have been travelling over the world.

I enjoy capturing the moments of women’s daily life across the globe.

Women do essential tasks that are sometimes thankless but considered normal, without any recognition. Through the common and repetitive daily work, across the world, a certain beauty and perfection of the gesture considered as commonplace is revealed, and has been transmitted from generation to generation, such as motherhood, carrying water...

My paintings are an homage to all those women.


  • Migrants

Here, alas, the area is one of escaping, constrains and danger .

I wanted to depict this drama through my paintings with strong emotion.  Even if there is a relation between those landscapes, sees and suns, the stake here is really different : It is a human drama I paint within the same sceneries.

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